Quick Work Order

Mechanics will come across walk-in repairs that are needed. If the mechanic will be performing that additional work themselves, then the Quick Work Order option is a quicker method of creating the work order for this vehicle than the Processing a Work Order option. Certain assumptions are made during the data entry which reduce the amount of information that the mechanic will need to input. When the mechanic is ready to begin working on the vehicle, he will select the Quick Work Order option from the Mechanic Accountability Meny. The Quick Work Order entry screen asks for the Vehicle ID that needs the work, it's current odometer reading, a VMRS code describing the type of repair needed, a repair type code, and optionally a cause code (if the system is configured to ask for one (Screen SSM, option #39).
Once this basic information is entered, the mechanic will click the "Clock On" button. A work order will be created for the job, and the mechanic's time will immediately begin being tracked on the job.