Deleting Labor Transactions

It is a good idea to "clean house" from time to time. Numerous labor transactions can accumulate quickly and slow down data processing and reporting. Deleting labor transactions will not affect vehicle costs, history, work orders, or mechanic productivity statistics; it simply removes the transactions from the Paperless Shop data file. What it will affect are the Paperless Shop displays and reports since the transactions will be gone. Therefore, don't delete any transactions unless they are no longer needed.

Deleting Transactions by Date

To delete Paperless Shop labor transactions for a specified date range, select the Range Labor Trans option (SGL).
You'll be required to enter password #1 before you are prompted for the starting and ending date range. Verify that the date ranges entered are correct before clicking the OK button because the deletion process will start immediately thereafter.

Deleting Individual Transactions

Complete the following steps to delete a transaction:

  • Select the Edit a Labor Transaction option (WPD).
  • Enter password #1.
  • Enter the mechanic number or press F1 to select a mechanic from the lookup list.
  • Enter the date range for the transactions you would like displayed.
  • Highlight a transaction and click the DELETE button.