Paperless Shop Module

Paperless Shop is an RTA Fleet Management Software add-on option. The Paperless Shop option allows scheduling and tracking of mechanic jobs. Each task performed by the mechanic will be accounted for from the time he clocks in, to the time he clocks out. Although this option can be used on stand-alone PCs or single-user systems, it really is designed for, and works best on, networked or multi-user systems. The Paperless Shop option is easy to use and implement because it works with your existing vehicle and mechanic files in the RTA system. The time and money-saving benefits of using Paperless Shop will be apparent almost immediately after it is put in use. Some of the Paperless Shop benefits are listed below:

  • Eliminates handwriting and filing of hard copy of work orders
  • Eliminates the need to manually track the amount time spent on jobs
  • Allows mechanics to be scheduled to specific jobs
  • Allows jobs to be prioritized
  • Mechanics can view and know their assigned jobs
  • Labor is calculated and posted to work orders automatically
  • Tracks direct labor (time spent working on work orders or specific vehicles)
  • Tracks indirect labor (shop clean-up, yard inspections, breaks, etc.)
  • Shop supervisor can easily view the job each mechanic is currently working on as well as their scheduled jobs
  • Shop supervisor can evaluate productivity and shop efficiency by printing time cards and various mechanic labor reports

Getting Started

Before using Paperless Shop, the following items should first be set up in the RTA system:

  • Vehicle records (MVM)
  • Employee records (MMM)
  • Work orders (WW)
  • Paperless Shop switches (SSM, SSI)
  • Indirect labor codes (SSY)

If mechanic productivity is going to be tracked, the following items should also be set up:

  • VMRS codes and time standards (MRM)
  • Vehicle difficulty factors (MVF)

It is necessary to use the vehicle, mechanic, and work order records from the RTA Fleet Management Software in order to process transactions in Paperless Shop. Refer to the sections listed below in the RTA User's Manual for specific instructions on how to add the mentioned records or how to set up the items to track mechanic productivity. 
Vehicle Inventory: Adding a New Vehicle
Repair Orders: Add, Change, Delete or View Mechanics
Repair Orders: Step-by-Step, Building a Work Order
Vehicle Inventory: Set Vehicle Difficulty Factors
Repair Orders: VMRS Job Description and Standard Hours

Below are the pages that go over this module

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