Checking Out a Unit

A reservation has to exist before a unit can be checked out.

  • Select the Reservations menu option (VTR). Press the F1 key to bring up a reservation list. The reservation list can be sorted ascending or descending by the reservation number, vehicle number or vendor. Also the list can be limited to Reservations (pending), Open (checked out) or Closed (checked in).
  • If needed, changes can be made to the check out information. (Requested by, Telephone Number, Charge Account, Scheduled Pickup and Return Dates, Customer Number, Contact, Telephone Number, Unit Number, Rate Code, Pick up from, Return to).
  • Click on the check out icon or the Check Out pull-down menu option.

The entry fields are as follows:

  • Picked Up By

Enter the name of the person who is picking up the unit or accept the default name displayed.

  • Driver's License Number

Enter the driver's license number of the person who will be driving the unit. If the Validate License Info switch is set to yes, this field is required and cannot be left blank.

  • License State and Expiration

Enter the abbreviation of the state that issued the driver's license or use the default home state as defined in the Facility file in the RTA system (MFM). Next, enter the driver's license expiration date. If the license will expire during the duration of the rental, a warning message will be displayed. Press enter to continue or choose the nO button to re-enter the expiration date.

  • Odometer Out

Enter the odometer reading for the unit at the time of check out or accept the default value displayed. Odometer updates made through Motor Pool will be reflected in the RTA vehicle odometer and mileage record as well.

  • Check Out Date and Time

Enter the check out date, accept the default date displayed, or press f1 to select a date from the calendar. Next, enter the check out time or accept the default time displayed.
When all the information has been entered, click the OK button.

Printing the Check Out Receipt

To print a check out receipt for the customer to sign, press the print icon. The default is the Check out receipt and the default number of copies is set in the Motor Pool setup screen.