Running Load Master

To run the interface

  • The McLeod integration requires one of the two enhancements to run: RTALME (regular enhancement) or RTALME (advance enhancement). The RTALMA allows for more in depth cost codes to be setup in the Customer File for the VM Journal export options. 
    • If the customer does not want to integrate VM Journals then use the RTALME because the RTALMA triggers special switches when creating POs.
  • All interface programs must be run from outside the main RTA application and can be added to a Windows Scheduled Task for automatic processing. If you need help with this process, please call support.
  • Command Line examples calling lmhubimp.cob
    • rta_wrun32 -c cblconfi +e err.txt -w lmhubimp.cob
    • rta.exe /p:lmhubimp.cob
  • There are no prompt screens of any kind when running the export/import utilities.  All utilities will create an XML file if the program is an “export from RTA” utility, and it will need an XML file if it is an “import from Load Master” utility.


  • lmhubimp.cob - Preventative Maintenance Hub Readings Export from Loadmaster to RTA
  • lmfulimp.cob - Fuel Ticket History Export from LoadMaster to RTA
  • lmmsgimp.cob - Mobile Communications Messages Export from LoadMaster to RTA
  • lmcstimp.cob - Customer and Payee Export from LoadMaster to RTA
  • lmvndimp.cob - Vendor Export from LoadMaster to RTA
  • lmvehexp.cob - Tractor and Trailer Import from RTA to LoadMaster
  • lmpmexp.cob - Preventative Maintenance PM Messages Import from RTA to LoadMaster
  • lmwoexp.cob - VM Journal Entries Import from RTA Repair/Work Orders to LoadMaster
  • lmpoexp.cob - AP Vouchers Import from RTA Purchase Orders to LoadMaster
  • lminvexp.cob - Invoices and Settlement Deductions Created from RTA Invoice Posting Import to LoadMaster

For more information on the different Utilities or Integrations, click here.