Part Vendor Import and Export

This program exports your Part Vedor records into a delimited text file. This file can then be edited manually or via a spreadsheet program, and then re-imported into the RTA system to update any changes made.

Import Options:

   Create New
          Checked  - New records will be created
      Unchecked - New Records WILL NOT be created

   Update Existing
          Checked - Existing records will be updated
      Unchecked - Existing Records WILL NOT be updated

Import Field Definitions

Part FacilityRequiredint(5)
Part NumberRequiredchar(25)
Vendor FacilityUses Part facility's default vendor facility if not specified then uses the Part Facility. Not Importedint(5)
Vendor NumberRequiredint(10)
Vendor Part Number

1 through 9 inclusive

Part must have a vendor and only one vendor with a priority of 1.

If a part's vendor with priority of 1 is changed and another vendor is not changed during the import process to a priority of 1 this vendor will be reverted back to priority 1. 

If the priority for this vendor is set to 1 and there is already an existing priority 1 vendor for this part the existing priority 1 vendor's priority will be changed to 2.

Last Order QuantityNot Imported decimal(6,1)+/-

Last Order Price

Lot Quantity
Lot Unit
Lot Price
Last PO Facility Not Imported int(5)
Last PO Number Not Importedchar(10) 
Last PO Extension Not Importedint(4) 
Last PO Date  Not Imported date