Fuel Transfers

Many fleets have a small tanker truck that travels the lot and refuels vehicles. Since posting fuel to this vehicle would throw off fuel usage and MPG reports, a routine is provided so you can make a transfer directly from a tank to a tanker unit, posting the fuel to the pump and not to the tanker vehicle. The tanker unit acts as a secondary tank and should be assigned a unique tank and pump number for posting purposes. To transfer fuel to a tanker vehicle, do the following:

  1. Select Fuel > Pump/Tank Proc > Pump to Tank Transfer from the RTA main menu (FPP).
  2. Read the message displayed and choose OK to continue.
  3. Enter a pump number or press F1 to select a pump from the lookup list.
  4. Enter the tank number that represents the tanker vehicle or press F1 to select a tank from the lookup list.
  5. Enter the number of gallons to transfer.
  6. Enter the transfer date or press F1 to select a date from the calendar.