End of Period for Parts

The following things occur when the EOP for parts is processed.

  • Part usage per period is updated (MPM). Usage in period 1 is moved to period 2; usage in period 2 is moved to period 3; usage in period 3 is moved to period D and so on. The usage in period 12 is dropped from the system.
  • Parts inventory balance figures are updated for the period, year, and last year (RPI).Turnover rate is calculated for period-to-date as (Usage x Number of Periods / Ending Inventory).Turnover rate is calculated for year-to-period as (Usage / Ending Inventory)Turnover rate is calculated for life-to-period as (Usage / Ending Inventory)
  • Reorder information is calculated and adjusted, based on usage (unless the Re-order lock checkbox is active).
  • One month's usage for non-chargeable parts is charged out to the new period.
  • Requisitions are created for stocked, non-chargeable parts if the quantity on hand isn't sufficient for two months usage (as long as they aren't already on-order).
  • Requisitions are created for stocked parts if the quantity on hand is less than the reorder point (as long as they aren't already on-order).
  • Vendor year-to-date and life-to-date purchase totals are updated.
  • Warranty statistics are updated.
  • A tab-delimited text file will be created as an audit that lists each inventory part at the time that EOP was processed (if option #12 in the Parts Parameters (SSM, Parts Parameters tab) is set to YES.

Parts: End of Month

To process end of month for parts, do the following:

  1. Select System > End of Period/Month > End of Period Parts from the RTA main menu (SEP).
  2. Enter password level 2.
  3. Enter the starting and ending facility number(s) to process or press F1 to select the facility number(s) from the lookup list. Data is processed only for the facilities in your region. Refer to "System Security"  for more information about regions.
  4. At the New Year prompt, select the No radio button (active by default) and choose OK to start the process.

Parts: End of Year

The end of year process for parts performs the same functions as the standard end of month process except that the year-to-date data is cleared out in addition to the current period. To process end of year for parts, follow the steps described in the previous section. At step 4, choose Yes to indicate that end of year should be processed.