Setup Driver Reports

In the Classic version of RTA, use the drop-down options to setup your Driver Report parameters by clicking WOs > Drivers Report Maintenance > Setup Driver Reports (WDS)

Ener the facility number that you’ll be receiving DVIR details from. A Driver Reports Interface will need to be created for each facility which will receive notifications.

Set default parameters for the following areas:

Priority Code (operable): if the vehicle is still set as an “Available” or operable status, use the predefined drop-down list to set the defaulted Priority.

Priority Code (inoperable): if the vehicle in set as “Down” or inoperable, meaning it is not safe for use, set the defaulter Priority.

Reason Code: As Driver Reports can be easily converted into a Work Order line, this reason code is seen as the default for the upcoming work order reason, as long as the Driver Report is not closed without work required.

Repair Type Code: For the first line of a Driver Reported Work Order Line, this repair type is traditionally diagnostic, as it’s a request incoming from a driver, and thus a basic inspection or fine tuning, the default is assumed as “Check”. Other options can be set, based on the customer’s needs, using the drop-down list.


  • Allow Odometer Updates - As a Driver Report is submitted, meters are required at the point of input. Checking this box enables the vehicle’s primary meter to be updated upon submission.

  • Pre-Assign VMRS Codes - If the vehicle, component, condition and location of a Driver Report directly match a previously created Work Order line in the Review Driver Report screen, then the previously used VMRS code will be automatically applied to the new case.

  • Add Jobs to existing WOs - When selected, Driver Report lines can be added to a currently opened, existing Work Order as a new line. This switch also enabled the option for multiple driver report lines to be added to the same new WO, vs all being made their own unique WO.

  • Add Driver to WO Note - Driver Reports allow for the submitter to input notes and explanations. This switch allows those notes to progress onto the work order, if they exist.

  • Print Driver Notes - When a Driver Report line is converted into a Work Order line, the drivers nots will appear as line notes on the printed copy of the Work Order.


This button removed the Driver Report integration to this facility


The Component, Condition and Location of each DVIR can be customized according to the company or industry the users are in. If desired, the file containing these options can be modified from your fleet folder, a file called DRVDATA (a default copy is linked below).


If edited and saved again as DRATA, the user needs to click the “Relationships” button to apply the changes.

For questions on setting up the Drivers Report Module, please reach out to Customer Support at