Configurable EFI

This will allow a Technician or customer to make an EFI data mapping file for setting up EFI for the customer. Uses program efiupeft.cob. Setting up EFI and mapping the data can take less than a day when the customer has provided the required data files and filled out questionnaire.

When the EFI module is purchased, an EFI Questionnaire will be sent that needs to be filled out. To get the process started, send back the EFI Questionnaire, a copy of the gas system's fuel transaction data file and the RTA vehicle file (master file or x-ref file if using vehicle x-refs). If the fuel transaction file fields are all of fixed length (not of various lengths and delimited by a character like a comma) then a layout description of the data will need to be returned. Once these are sent back, a tech will be able to help run the program so that the EFI will be setup and usable with a few hours of work.

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