Best Practices Module

The RTA Best Practices option is designed as a user defined documentation option within the RTA Fleet Management software. It allows users to create their own best practices and policies information for each individual screen in the software. Best Practices is not intended to replace the RTA Users Manual, but instead to list the specific ways in which your company uses the software.
Here are a few ways in which your company may use this feature:

  1. List job responsibilities for each position within your fleet management staff.
  2. List specific reports that are run and distributed at end of month closing.
  3. Describe that a field that isn't required to be filled in by the software, but is required by company policy.
  4. Describe proper usage and valid values for a field for your company's purposes.
  5. Describe that supervisory approval must be obtained prior to entering a value above a certain dollar amount per company policy.
  6. List step-by-step instructions on how to poll your company's electronic fueling system to produce the data import file needed by RTA.
  7. List step-by-step instructions on how certain data is entered, so that other employees can fill in during illnesses and vacations.

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