The type of labels needed will vary based on the type of printer you will be using. Labels may be purchased from any vendor of your choice. For your convenience, you can purchase thermal printer ribbons and labels directly from RTA and be assured they will fit and work correctly with the thermal label printer(s) purchased from RTA.

Standard Labels

  • Dot-Matrix Printers: For most label formats, the standard, single-column, continuous feed mailing labels will work (3.5" W x 15/16" H). If you will be printing part tags that include the fit code on the tag, you'll need 3.5" W x 2" H labels.

  • Lazer Printers: Depending on the type of label you'll be printing, you can use labels that come two, three, or four columns wide with ten rows of labels per sheet.

    • The measurements for the two-column labels are 4" W x 1" H

    • The measurements for the three-column labels are 2 5/8" W x 1" H

Special Order Labels

Thermal Printers:

Thermal printers use 3" W x 1" H labels. These are available for purchase from RTA and come in a standard or piggyback format. Piggyback labels are two labels that sit one on top of the other. If you look at it straight on, it looks like it and is the same size as a standard label. The print process is the same when printing to standard or piggyback labels, except you'll have twice the quantity with piggyback labels since the bottom label is a "carbon" copy of the top copy. The advantage of using piggyback labels is that the top label can be peeled off parts packaging with ease and retains its "stickiness" so it adheres well to work orders or other paperwork.

The Setup:

Before implementing the use of bar codes, review the following setup instructions.

  • Set up bar code readers and/or TriCoders as needed. Refer to the installation instructions that came with your equipment.

  • Set up bar code printers as needed. Refer to "Printers" in Chapter 2 - Getting Started. If you purchased a bar code printer from RTA, refer to the installation instructions that came with your printer.

  • Define the tag printer for all users who will be printing bar-coded tags (SUM). This step is optional. Refer to "Adding a User" in Chapter 2 - Getting Started for instructions if necessary.

  • Set the "BCODE Height/Strike" switch to the desired setting (SSM, Parts Parameters tab, switch 27).

The Procedure:

Refer to the following sections for procedures in the barcoding area you wish to implement.