Geotab DVIR Integration

The following document outlines the process for configuring the Geotab DVIR Integration in RTA.  More info can also be found at Geotab Telematics Integration

If you want to see how Driver Reports work in RTA, go ahead and take a look at Review Driver Reports

GeoTab Whip Around for DVIR.pptx


The RTA Geotab integration automatically imports defects and mileage reported by your drivers using the Geotab Drive app.  Vehicles are identified via the VIN number (stored in the serial number field in RTA). As status updates are made in RTA, such as notes, Work Order Assignment, or resolution, RTA will update Geotab with that information.

Did you know that you can have the component and location split out and digested by RTA by using a special convention? Simply use a pipe “|” character, and the left side will go into the component field in RTA, and the right side will go into the location field!

For example, take “Fender | Passenger Side”. It would end up like this in RTA:

  • Component: Fender

  • Location: Passenger Side


When your drivers report a defect using the Geotab mobile app, the Geotab RTA Integration will automatically import those defects into RTA using the Driver Reports module. 

Mileage Updates

Mileage updates from Geotab should be handled via Geotab Telematics Integration. However, if you don’t have this setup, no worries! The mileage from the vehicle will be automatically updated when the DVIR is imported into RTA.


Using the steps provided in Geotab Telematics Integration use the username, password, and database to fill out the form on the RTA Web App. That’s it! We’ll start importing defects into the RTA Driver Report Module.

Deferring of lines that came from Geotab will cause the driver to essentially be locked out. Right now, Geotab only offers 2 resolutions - Fixed, or not necessary for repair. Because we don’t want to convey an inaccurate status to drivers about the vehicle, we opted to leave the defect in progress and add a note so that the driver knows that there is still an outstanding repair. Unfortunately, in Geotab things have to either be resolved or not resolved.