Zonar - Driver Reports Interface - DRI

In addition to the Driver Reports module, RTA has partnered up with Zonar Systems. Zonar Systems produces and distributes a handheld device that reads smart radio frequency identification (RFID) tags placed in critical safety zones on vehicles. This system meets safety inspection reporting requirements by providing proof that a driver was physically present in the inspection zone. Once a driver is "in the zone" and the RFID tags are detected by the handheld device, the driver is prompted to indicate the condition of that particular inspection area. The collected data is later uploaded into Zonar's web-based system.
This is where the Driver Reports Interface (DRI) from RTA comes in. The DRI program retrieves driver reports directly from the Zonar website and imports them into the RTA Driver Reports module (included with your DRI purchase). This process is referred to as polling the Zonar system. After a polling is done, the shop supervisor reviews the driver reports (VDRs) and creates work orders as needed. The next time a polling occurs, the RTA system will be updated with new driver reports while the Zonar system is updated with completed work order data.
NOTE: This section of the documentation explains how to set up and use the DRI program. Refer to the previous "Driver Reports" sections for instructions on setting up and using the standard Driver Reports module.
The Setup:

  • Install the necessary Active X control and Zonarurl.msi if you have not already done so. This portion is usually installed by Zonar Systems.
  • Install the RTA DRI and Driver Reports programs. Refer to the installation instructions provided with your upgrade.
  • Set up the Zonar configurations.
  • Set up a shortcut to poll the Zonar website in order to exchange data between the RTA and Zonar systems.

The Procedure:

  • Import data from Zonar into the RTA system.
  • Review reported problems and create work orders.
  • Correct problem, update, and close work orders in the usual manner.

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