Deleting a Job

There may be times when you want to completely delete a job from a work order rather than deferring it. As long as the job hasn't been started (line status = UNSHD), it can be deleted from the work order. In the event a job was deleted by mistake, it can be undeleted. To delete a work order, do the following:

  1. Select WOs > WOs from the RTA main menu (WW).
  2. Enter a work order number or press F1 to select a work order from the lookup list.
  3. Enter the meter reading, posting date, posting period as prompted.
  4. Highlight the work order line to delete and then select Edit > Edit Line from the menu or click on the Edit line icon in the toolbar OR click on the work order line number button.
  5. Choose Delete.
  6. Choose Yes to confirm the deletion.