Correcting Work Order Transactions

The RTA system is a real-time system. Once a transaction is entered, data is immediately updated. Original entries can't be modified; however, additional entries can be made to offset and correct erroneous transactions posted. When posting a correcting transaction, be sure to use the same posting date as the original transaction so both the original and correction will appear on transaction and billing reports generated by date range.
NOTE: When backing out transactions, enter a negative quantity with a positive price. Posting a negative quantity with a negative price adds to the cost of the work order.


How to Correct

Posted the wrong quantity-too many parts or labor hours

Post a transaction with a negative quantity to back out the excess quantity (use a positive price). Alternatively, use the REVERSE option in the posting window. Check the box next to each erroneous transaction and click the Reverse button.

Posted wrong date, part number, mechanic, price or wage

Enter two transactions: 1) Negate the original entry by inputting the same data as the original transaction except the quantity will be posted as a negative number (again, use a positive price), 2) Reenter the transaction using the correct data.

Posted at the wrong mileage-meter reading correction needed

If too high of a meter reading was entered when the transaction was posted, but everything else posted was corrected, no correction is needed on the work order side. Correct the meter reading using the Change Odometer program (MVM, VH). When prompted for the reason, select Correction. This will correct the vehicle meter reading as well as the vehicle history. Refer to "Correcting or Adjusting Meter Readings" for instructions.

Posted at the wrong mileage-meter reading correction not needed

Example of this scenario is if the current meter reading is correct. While entering work orders completed last week, you accidentally accept the current meter reading rather than changing the reading to what it was when the work was done. If everything else was posted correctly, use the Change Repair History option to change the meter reading for that specific job (STVR)USE WITH CARE! Refer to "Changing Repair History" for instructions.


How to Correct

Work order is for the wrong vehicle

If nothing has been posted to the work order, simply delete the work order (SGWW). However, if transactions have been posted to the work order, simply deleting the work order does not remove the costs from that vehicle. All transactions posted must be reversed. Negate the original entries by inputting the same data as the original transactions except the quantities will be posted as negative numbers.