Changing a Work Order

To change a work order, do the following:

  1. Select WOs > WOs from the RTA main menu (WW).
  2. Enter a work order number or press F1 to select a work order from the lookup list.
  3. Enter the meter reading, posting date, posting period as prompted.
  4. Make changes to the work order header as needed.
  5. To edit a work order line, simply double-click anywhere on that work order line (other than the line number button) OR highlight the line to change first and then either:
    • Press F2. OR
    • Select Edit > Edit Line from the menu. OR
    • Click on the Edit line icon in the toolbar.

Changes can be made to any and all of the fields in the Edit Line window as long no entries have been posted to the line. If transactions have been already posted, you can change everything except the major VMRS code (the first three digits of the VMRS code).

  1. Make changes to the notes or checklist by selecting the appropriate option from the Notes menu or clicking on the corresponding icon in the toolbar.
  2. Make changes to the work order master by selecting View > View WO Master or by clicking on the WO Master icon in the toolbar.