Watchdog Module

The RTA Watchdog option is designed as a data analysis option within the RTA Fleet Management software. It allows users to specify various alerts. These alerts analyze your data and report on conditions that need your attention. Rather than running a handful of reports and skimming through the pages looking for certain items, you can let the watchdog "sniff them out" and report those items in a single place.
A list of items is displayed with a count of occurrences. It also features drill-down capability to show the detail of the reported items.


Each user login in RTA can have their own Watchdog alerts configured. 

  1. Log in to RTA with your username and password.
  2. Select System > RTA Information > Watchdog > Setup to add a new Watchdog record (SAWS). Specify a name for your Watchdog and click the ADD button.
  3. Select a specific facility's data to monitor by clicking the CHANGE button on the toolbar, or select data from an entire region by clicking the REGION button.
  4. Select from the available alerts on the left side of the screen. Click the ADD button to include them in your watchdog notifications.
  5. If any of the alerts selected include Options, click on the options configuration button to further define the conditions that will trigger the alert.

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