Deleting a Vehicle

Use extreme caution when deleting vehicles! Do not delete vehicles until you're absolutely sure the records are no longer needed. This option deletes vehicle records as well as history and warranty data; however, work order transactions, fuel entries, fuel billing transactions, and fuel tax records remain on file until purged from the system.
Vehicles can be deleted directly in the vehicle record or through the delete vehicle program.

Tips for Deleting Vehicles

  • Consider adding facility 9999 and renumbering or moving vehicles to that facility if there is a chance you may need the data in the future (for DOT or other agencies).
  • It's advisable to make a backup just prior to deleting vehicles.
  • There is no undelete feature! If you accidentally delete the wrong vehicle, the only way to get it back is to restore the data from a backup.
  • Vehicles should only be deleted at the beginning of a new period in order to properly capture all associated costs for the previous period.
  • Once a vehicle is deleted, the cost information for that vehicle is gone, including the lifetime cost for the vehicle AND its impact on costs for the fleet.
  • Make sure there are no outstanding transactions that need to be processed for this vehicle-tires to dismount, work orders to complete, or fuel transactions to process.

Deleting a Vehicle Through the Vehicle Record

This is the recommended method for deleting vehicles since the vehicle record is displayed on-screen, enabling you to review and verify that the correct vehicle is being deleted.

  1. Select Master > Vehicle > File Maintenance from the RTA main menu (MVM).
  2. Enter a vehicle number or press F1 to select a vehicle number from the lookup list.
  3. Select Utilities > Delete Vehicle from the menu or click on the Delete Vehicle icon in the toolbar.
  4. Enter password level 1.
  5. Choose Delete to confirm the deletion.

Deleting a Vehicle Using the Delete Vehicle Program

This method of deleting vehicles is slightly faster than the other method and may be preferable to use when you need to delete many vehicles from the system. Just be sure the correct vehicle number is keyed in for deletion.

  1. Select Master > Vehicle > Delete from the RTA main menu (MVD).
  2. Enter password level 1.
  3. Enter a vehicle number or press F1 to select a vehicle from the lookup list.
  4. Choose Delete to confirm the deletion.