Vehicle Archive

SaaS customers only

The Archive vehicle option gives the ability to move a vehicle to a “Archive Facility”.  Once moved, the vehicle is no longer counted against the current active vehicles.  This will reduce the fleet size in RTA.  SaaS customers will have an Unlimited Archived vehicles license and the licenses for the archived vehicles are tracked separately from the active vehicles.  SaaS customers whose fees are based on the number of vehicles will benefit from this option.

The following applies when a vehicle is archived:

  • The vehicle is placed in a “read only” status. No edits to the vehicle file can happen.
  • The current records are scanned to determine if there is any open work or fuel records that should be completed before the vehicle is archived.
  • If there is any open work, results of the scan can be viewed and printed.
  • The archive process is stopped if vehicle does not pass the rule check.
  • If there is no open work or fuel the vehicle is moved to the archive facility.
  • There can be no more work or edits done to the vehicle once it is archived.
  • Because the vehicle is still in RTA, all vehicle and history reports are available.
  • The vehicle can be un-archived at any time.
  • The vehicle can be archived only Once per Year.  The counter starts from the time the vehicle is un-archived.
  • A vehicle cannot be un-archived if there are not enough active vehicle licenses.
  • Anywhere in RTA that a vehicle can be renumbered/moved to a different facility will allow you to move the vehicle to an archived facility.

To archive vehicles, you must first create an Archive Facility.  You may use an existing facility or create a new one for this. There is a new button on the tool ribbon at the top of the Facility record that is labeled “Archive Facility”.  Clicking the button changes the facility to an archive facility and any vehicles in that facility will be changed to archived vehicles.  The facility cannot be changed to an archived facility until all vehicles assigned to the facility are qualified to be archived by passing the rules described above. Once archived the whole facility is a read only facility.  More than one facility can be created as an Archive facility.

To archive a vehicle, go into the master vehicle file for the vehicle you wish to archive.  Use the Renumber to a New Facility button in the Tool ribbon at the top.

Put in the Facility number of the archive facility you wish to move the vehicle to.  Then put in the Vehicle number.  You will see *Archive will appear to let you know you are moving the vehicle to an Archive facility.  Click OK and the renumber process will take place.  When the process is finished, the vehicle is now in the Archive Facility.