Manually Changing a Tool Status

There may be times when tools are neither CHECKED OUT or AVAILABLE (e.g. being repaired, on loan to another department, lost, in storage, etc.). To better track the whereabouts of the tools, you may want to establish various tool status codes. As mentioned previously, any one-character code from 1-9 or A-Z may be used for the status. However, three status codes are predefined—A=Available, O=Checked out, and R=Out for repair. Be consistent when using your own status codes because they will not be validated. For example, if S=Sold, make sure S is not also used for "Seasonal, in storage." Two tool reports by status are available in Tool Checkout (refer to Chapter 3—"Tool Reports") to help locate tools.
When a tool is checked out, the status is automatically changed to O (checked out). When a tool is checked in, the status is automatically changed to A (available).

  1. To change the tool status to another status, select the File Maintenance menu option (MOM) and the Select Tool Number window will be displayed.
  2. Press F1 or choose the LIST button to select a tool record to modify from the lookup list or simply enter the tool number and then choose OK.
  3. Highlight the current status in the Status entry field.
  4. Enter the new status code and then press ENTER. NOTE If you attempt to change the status of a tool that is checked out, a warning message will prompt you to confirm the change.
  5. Enter the description for this status code and then press ENTER.
  6. Select File, Exit from the menu bar or click the EXIT icon.
  7. Press ENTER or choose the YES button when prompted to save the tool record.