Tool Checkout

Tool Checkout is an RTA Fleet Management Software add-on option. The Tool Checkout
option allows tracking of tool and equipment inventory. Tool Checkout is a simple, yet
powerful program that will do the following:

  • Classify/categorize types of tools
  • Quickly check tools in or out
  • Track tool status—Available, Checked Out, Out for Repair, Other
  • Track who has checked out specific tools
  • Track tool usage
  • Aid in evaluating tool needs

Mechanic records (MMA) should be set up in the RTA system prior to using Tool
Checkout. It is necessary to use the mechanic records from the RTA Fleet Management Software in order to process transactions when tools are checked in and out through Tool Checkout. Refer to the "Repair Orders: Add, Change, Delete or View Mechanics" section in the RTA User's Manual for specific instructions on how to add mechanic records.

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