Tire Inventory

The RTA system has a full Tire Inventory module for managing and tracking the tires in the shop. The cost of tires is one of the most expensive fleet costs-usually second to fuel costs. By using the RTA system to track tire costs and analyze tire/manufacturer performances, you can save your operation significant dollars. It takes awhile to accumulate sufficient data to accurately portray true tire cost and performance statistics. However, once the data is collected, you can use the system to effectively bargain for the best buy on the best tires for your fleet. In addition, a tire replacement projection is provided to help prevent downtime caused from tire blowouts.
The Setup:

  • In order to properly track tires, each tire must have a unique tracking number. Find a numbering method that suits your fleet such as branding the tires or an alternative method.
  • Set the "Tire File Switches" as needed (SSM, switch 28).
  • Set the "Default Tire VMRS Code" switch as needed (SSI, Miscellaneous I tab, switch 37).
  • Set the maximum number of tires that can be mounted on each vehicle (MVM, General tab).
  • Add manufacturer records.
  • Add capper records.
  • Add position records.
  • Add size records.
  • Add scrap reasons.

The Procedure:

  • Mount and dismount tires through the Work Order, Paperless Shop, and Tire Inventory modules.
  • Check requisitions for tires that need to be reordered.
  • Generate and receive purchase orders to replenish tire inventory.
  • Review reports showing tire costs, history, and replacement projections.

NOTE: It's not necessary to use RTA's Requisition and Purchase Order features to reorder tires, but they're very easy to use and provide good accountability for the tires purchased. Refer to "Requisitions and Purchase Orders" for instructions.

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