Service Schedule (Management) Screen

Service Management Screen Overview:

  • Allows you to set up the available hours for repairs in your shop whether you are Mon-Fri 9-5 or 24/7.
  • Available time can be divided up into manageable slots, (i.e. 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour etc).
  • Schedule can all be under one generalized shop group, combined, or you can be split out the schedulable hours into Resource Groups. These Resource Groups could be organized into:
    1. Shop Sections: Body, Transmission, Electrical, Heavy Line, PM's, etc.
    2. Individual Bays: Bay 1, Bay 2, Bay 3, Wash Bay, etc.
    3. Individual Mechanics: John, Jim, Ed, Kevin, etc.
  • Once slots are set up for the overall shop schedule, customers can start filling those slots from the Scheduler Kiosk. Appointments can also be set from the management screen for requests received from other methods (email, phone, or handwritten).

You can manipulate the available items using drag-and-drop, or Ctrl- Mouse click to select multiple items and drag them.

Adding time slots and blocks

To Add/Edit tasks: Right Mouse Click in the scheduler window to display the resource and slots menu.

Add/Edit Resource Group:

This is where you can add or edit Resource Groups. Note: The Unassigned Column is a default resource group (cannot be deleted but can be re-named where appropriate). This becomes the default location for the time slots. Also if Bays are deleted it will revert back to this default column.

Add Time Block:

From the Service Schedule (Management) screen you can:
Set one time slot individually or bulk enter available slots (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly). You can also divide out time slots. For example: We insert a time block that starts at 12:00pm, for 1 hour, and 1 slot, or we could start at 6:00am for 10 hours, and split that into 20 slots (which would give us 1/2 hour available slots from 6am to 4pm).
Note: The pre-created Available Slots should be split down to the lowest common denominator. Example: If we do not have anything shorter than 30 minute or 1 hour time slots then pre-create either 30 minute slots or 1 hour slots.
Also, the "Unavailable" and the Internal Use Only switch check box is designed so these will not show those particular time slots in the Scheduler Kiosk.
Unavailable can be used for things like lunch, or breaks in general. The Internal Use Only is allocated time for pre-defined shop jobs that you do not want a customer trying to schedule.

Using Add Time Block:

Note: Be very careful using the bulk add (repeat) options because once you create the schedule blocks they become independent records that you cannot go back and fix or delete in bulk. So if you need to delete because you added too many, you would have to delete them manually, either one at a time or by using the highlight feature to select multiple records, then delete.

Add Time Slot/Service:

  • Can add a single time slot manually
  • Can also create a time slot and assign a work order on-the-fly as well

Note: To copy or delete multiple time slots use the CTRL key and mouse to highlight blocks then click the copy or delete button to copy the blocks from one area to another, or be delete them altogether.

Edit Time Slot/Service:

From the Add/Edit screen you can make a couple of changes to the time slot including:

  • New Assign Work Orders: Bypass everything and manually create a work order through the Add/Edit time slot screen.
  • Manually Delete the Service: This can only be done before the job is officially started.
  • Add Service Notes: Notes can be manually added and linked to your Work Order Job line. In fact, you will notice an extra button in the Add/Edit Work Order Line Screen that says "Serv Notes". These are different from line notes.
  • Changing the Status Information (Available or Unavailable): Available will show up as available in the Scheduler Kiosk screen. Unavailable will not show up at all in the Scheduler Kiosk screen but will show in the management screen.

Unavailable (Bay 1)Available (I) – 2hour(s) (Bay 1)You will see these in the Managers screen:

  • Change the Resource Group assignment (i.e. Bay, Mechanic, Location): This can only be done prior to assigning a WO. Once a Work Order is created this is locked out.
  • Change Start Time and Start Date: This can only be done before the work is officially started.
  • Change End Time and End Date: This can only be done before a job is completed.
  • Internal Use Only: This check mark will show this item only for the fleet personnel and will not be seen on the Customer/Department side.

Shop Management Screen

In the Managers Screen, there is a drop-down button (at the end of the current date bar) that you can select certain Resource groups (Bays and/or Mechanics, whatever you set your Resource groups to).

Status of the Scheduled Tasks:

  • Available
  • Unavailable
  • Pending (Customer has requested a time but it has not been added to a WO)
  • Scheduled (Assigned to a WO but not started)
  • In Progress (triggers as soon as the work order line status changes from "Open" to "Partial")

Completed (Done)