Scheduler (Vehicle Service) Kiosk

From the Scheduler Kiosk the end user can:

  • Pick a Vehicle from their location
  • Enter a Meter reading
  • Display any Due or Past Due PM Services
  • Fill out their Contact Information: Name, Phone, and Email Address
  • Can select one of the Resource Groups
  • Select a pre-set VMRS code for what needs to be serviced
  • Type in a free form note with additional detail on what they would like serviced

Once the form is filled out and OK is selected, you will get an information screen followed by the Calendar screen to select from the available time slots.
You can navigate through the Month/Day options on the left side of the screen and simply double click on an available slot to select. You can also cancel out and go back to the previous screen to select a different resource group then see the available options for that resource group instead.