Hosted Remote Connection Session Timeout Policy

This document describes our remote connection policy of when the server drops sessions, as of November 2014.  


ACTIVE sessions will be dropped after 24 hours.  

This prevents a computer from being left connected for multiple days preventing maintenance window opportunities from opening up. 

Active sessions may be disconnected manually by admins to perform maintenance. 


DISCONNECTED sessions will be dropped after 15 minutes

This state is generally entered by user clicking the X to close RTA, or an internet connectivity problem. 

Within that 15 minute window, RTA is still running on the server and may still have records locked.  User will reconnect to same session and not have to log in again if he reconnects in less than 15 minutes. 


IDLE sessions will be dropped after 3 hours.  

This state is generally entered by having RTA running but no keyboard or mouse input.  Paperless shop terminals are often left running and may get kicked off after 3 hours of non-use (or earlier if RTA needs to do maintenance).