RTA Inspect Integration

The RTA Inspect Integration currently supports the following functions:

  • Vehicle link from RTA to RTA Inspect

  • Issue sync from RTA Inspect back to RTA, and resolution/assignment statuses from RTA to RTA Inspect


Before configuring the RTA Inspect Integration, ensure you meet the following prerequisites:

  1. You are on the RTA SaaS Subscription which provides access to the APIs that make this integration possible.

  2. You have configured the Driver Reports module in RTA and are ready to start receiving and reviewing driver-submitted issues.

For the next step on linking Vehicles, please see:

How do I add vehicles in RTA Inspect?

Setting up the Integration

  1. Log into the RTA Web App

  2. Click the “Admin” link in the sidebar

  3. Click the “Integrations” option

  4. Click the “RTA Inspect” line

  5. Click the “Add” button on the top-right of the screen

  6. Select whether you’re creating a brand new RTA Inspect account or linking to an existing one

  • If creating a brand new account:

1. Complete the form

- The “Fleet Size” defaults to your active vehicle count

- The “Billing” information is required for setting up trial accounts

- You will not be charged during your RTA Inspect trial (30 days), or if you are licensed as RTA SaaS, Platinum, or above

2. Click the “Save” button

  • If linking to an existing account:

1. Generate an “integration key” on the RTA Inspect Web App

a) Open the following link in a new tab/window


b) Complete the form

- Name: RTA

- Description: Integration with RTA Fleet Management Software

c) Click the “Create Key” button

- Save the generated key information in a secure location

2. Return to the RTA Web App Integrations screen

3. Complete the form

a) Enter a “Name” for your integration

- The name is just an identifier for companies with multiple integrations

- Defaults to your company name

b) Paste the generated integration key into the “Refresh Token” field

4. Click the “Save” button

7. Now that your integration has been created, you can begin syncing your vehicles


For the next step on linking Vehicles, please see:

How do I add vehicles in RTA Inspect?

For more information, please see RTA Inspect