How to link multiple vehicles and drivers together in RTA Inspect

Inspection Groups are an easy and powerful way to manage driver access to vehicle inspections.

As a fleet manager, RTA Inspect gives you full control over the inspection process. You get to decide which drivers can inspect which vehicles. Inspection Groups are an easier and more powerful way to assign drivers to vehicles.

Standard Vehicle Assignments

Until now we've offered you two easy ways to assign drivers to the correct vehicles inside RTA Inspect:

  • Assign drivers to a vehicle

  • Assign vehicles to a driver

Assign Drivers to a Vehicle

The first way is to assign specific drivers to a vehicle. This is useful when you're adding a new vehicle and you want to be sure that the correct drivers have access to it. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Fleet menu and select Vehicles

  2. Select a vehicle

  3. Select a driver

From here you can select any drivers that should have access to this vehicle from the list. 

Assign Vehicles to a Driver

The second way is to assign specific vehicles to drivers. This is helpful when you're adding a new driver and you want to specify all the vehicles this driver should have access to. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Fleet menu and select Users

  2. Select a driver

  3. Select a vehicle option

You can now select any vehicles that this driver should have access to.

Inspection Groups Simplifies the Process

Both of the standard assignment methods are easy to use. But what if you need to add/edit a range of vehicles or a range of users at the same time? Having to go to different screens and make specific assignments between drivers and vehicles can be time-consuming and tedious. Inspection Groups help solve this problem quickly and easily.

What are Inspection Groups?

An inspection group is a named connection between certain drivers and certain vehicles. For example, in my fleet, I have some school buses and I have school bus drivers. I might create an Inspection Group called “School Bus Inspections”. This Inspection Group would contain all the school bus drivers and all the school buses. Any drivers belonging to the “School Bus Inspections” group will gain access to all the school buses that I specify inside that group. Once it is set up it becomes very easy to add new school bus drivers or new school buses. If I want to add a new school bus, I simply add that bus to the Inspection Group. Once this is done all of my current school bus drivers automatically get access to this new school bus. And if I add a new school bus driver, I only have to add that driver to the Inspection Group and that new driver has access to all the included school buses.

How do I set it up?

To set up an Inspection Group:

  1. Navigate to the Fleet menu and select Inspection Groups

    1. If this is your first Inspection Group, tap the “Add” button in the center of the screen

    2. If adding a new Inspection Group, tap the “+” button in the top left-hand corner of the screen

The inspection group also includes an "active" control toggle. This is useful if you want to take your time setting up your inspection group before rolling it out to your fleet. This feature is also useful if you have seasonal inspection groups that occasionally need to be turned on and off.

You can edit inspection groups from the inspection groups screen; including the name, drivers, and vehicles. But we've also added convenient ways to add drivers and vehicles to inspection groups from their individual detail screens. 

For example, I have another Inspection Group for fork lift inspections and I've hired a new operator that drives school buses and operates forklifts. I want to make sure they have access to all the correct vehicles. I could visit both the "School Bus Inspections" group page, and the "Fork Lift Inspections" page and add this driver to both places, but our goal here is to help make this as easy as possible. In this situation it will be best to simply navigate to this operator's user page, select the Inspection Groups option and select both "School Bus Inspections" and "Fork Lift Inspections".

In a similar way, it's possible to include a vehicle in one or more Inspection Groups:

  1. Navigate to the vehicle detail page

  2. Select the "Inspection Groups" option

  3. Select the correct Inspection Group for that vehicle

What if I always want all drivers to be able to inspect all vehicles?

We've also found that in some fleets it makes sense for all drivers to have access to all vehicles. If this is your situation rather than having to specify all your drivers and all your vehicles and keeping that up-to-date in an inspection group we have a special global override shortcut enabled by default for all new RTA Inspect accounts. With this shortcut turned on all your drivers have automatic access to all inspectable vehicles.