Drivers - How to perform RTA Inspect inspections

RTA Inspect makes performing DOT-compliant inspections easy and effective

The RTA Inspect webinar provides a complete overview of the RTA Inspect Inspection system.

Chapter headings are included in the video to jump you right to the location about performing inspections.

  • How to start an inspection: 1:23 

  • Entering Odometer: 2:10

  • Filling out the inspection: 2:15

  • Reporting new issues: 2:50

  • Noting critical issues: 3:15

  • Reviewing recently closed issues: 3:25

  • Reviewing open issues: 3:50

  • Reviewing previous inspection: 4:10

  • Signing and submitting an inspection: 4:20

This video also covers the integration with RTA including the assignment of driver reports to work order lines.