RTA Guides

RTA has created a program that allows users to easily access some of their helpful tools right from the RTA information menu. Users have the option to either create Personal or Global Guides. Here are just a few examples of Guides can benefit your staff:

  • web-sites (www.rtafleet.com)
  • documents (only the ones supported by user's computer such as word, PDF, etc.)
  • spreadsheets
  • training documents or videos
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • policies and procedures
  • executable files (such as Crystal Reports, batch files or scripts)
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections.


  1. You must be on RTA version 6.6 "M" prior to installing. If you are on an earlier version of 6.6, call Tech Support for help with the installation.
  2. From the main menu in RTA, select System -> RTA Information -> Guides (SAI).
  3. The default window displays the list of personal guides on the left column, and the global guides on the right column.
  4. Double click on a guide to access it. You will be asked for a user name and password when accessing a remote desktop protocol guide or any other app such as Go To Assist

Adding/Editing Guides

Clicking on the Add/Edit icon brings up the list of personal guides as the default. In this window, users can view, add, delete, or edit personal guides. And in order to add, delete, or modify global guides, the user needs to click the Global icon, and enter the level 3 password. 
The Sort Tag field is used to sort and display guides in ascending order. 
The Type column displays the type of guide (P for personal, and G for global).

Global Guides

Global Guides are available to all RTA users. In order to create this type of guides, you will need to have level 3 privileges, and have that object installed where all users can access it.

Personal Guides

Personal Guides are only available to the user who creates them.