Road Call Overview

Listed below are brief descriptions of the setup and procedures involved in using the Road Call module.
The Setup:

  • Enhancement Code and instructions are sent via email.
  • For a user to have full access to the Road Call module, they need to have these User Access Rights in System > Setup Users > File Maintenance:
    • Access rights needed: 032, 035, 036, 037, 038, 082, 134, 150
  • If you want to be able to find your own vendors by GPS location, you will need to set the Latitude and Longitude inside the Master > Vendor > File Maintenance under the Services screen.

The Procedure:

  • Create new Road Call.
  • Select Vehicle and breakdown location.
  • Add Vendor that you are going to be working with / Lookup vendor with Truck Down.
  • Add WO information to the form.
  • Create WO/PO.
  • Add items to WO.
  • Repeat Add vendor process if more vendors need to be used on this breakdown.
  • Close WO.
  • Close Road Call.