Sort Part Vendor by Price

This utility program scans through the vendors in a specified part range, sorting the vendors in price order from lowest to highest. The vendor with the lowest price becomes the primary vendor. Password level 3 is required to run this utility.
NOTE: This program is not facility specific and processes part vendors for all parts, in all facilities.

Running the Utility

  1. Select System > Custom Utilities II > Parts > Sort Vendor by Price from the RTA main menu (SIAV).
  2. Enter password level 3.
  3. Read the message displayed and then choose Yes to start the process.

Undoing the Changes

Each time the Sort Vendor by Price utility is run, the system creates a backup file (ptvndrs.old) just in case you need to undo the changes. The ptvndrs.old file is overwritten each time the Sort Vendor by Price utility is processed. If you wish to restore the part vendor data to its original state (prior to running the Sort Vendor by Price utility), simply copy it over the ptvndrs.rta file.
WARNING! Restoring the original part vendor file will overwrite any changes made to the part vendor file, in all facilities, after running the Sort Vendor by Price utility.