Global Part Change

This time saving utility program allows data fields in the part record to be changed for a range of parts.

Running the Utility

  1. Select System > Custom Utilities II > Parts > Global Part Change from the RTA main menu (SIAG).
  2. Read the message displayed and then choose Yes to continue.
  3. Enter the facility number or press F1 to select a facility from the lookup list.
  4. Select the tab indicating the data you wish to change.
  5. Enter the requested data. The prompts vary depending on the data to be changed, but many of the screens request:
    • Starting and Ending Part: Enter the part range to process or press F1 to make the selection from a lookup list.
    • Starting and Ending Data Value: Enter the existing data value range to process. Part records containing data values in the specified range will be updated with the new data value (next prompt).
    • New Data Value: Enter the new data value.

Refer to the help line at the bottom of the window for additional information about the requested information.