Delete Parts by Bin Location

This utility program deletes parts by a range of bin locations for stocking area 1. A report containing a list of deleted parts is generated and a transaction is written to the parts adjustment file for audit purposes (RPP). Password level 3 is required to run this utility.

Running the Utility

  1. Select System > Custom Utilities II > Parts > Delete Range by Bin from the RTA main menu (SIAD).
  2. Enter password level 3.
  3. Read the message displayed and then choose Yes to continue.
  4. Enter the facility number or press F1 to select a facility from the lookup list.
  5. Enter the starting and bin location or press F1 to make the selection from the lookup list. All parts with a bin location in the specified range, in stocking area 1 will be deleted from the system. Matching bin locations in stocking areas 2 – 4 are ignored. Therefore, parts with bin locations in the specified range, in stocking areas 2, 3, 4, or 5 will not be deleted from the system.
  6. Select Print Only or View/Print for the list of deleted parts.