Searching for Inventory

If you're using multiple facilities a nice feature is available to help you locate parts in other facilities (SSM, switch 26). Suppose you need a particular part that's out of stock and your vendors can't get the part to you for a day or two. You can check the inventories in other facilities to see if they have that part in stock; if so, it might be possible to get your vehicle back on the road a little quicker. This feature is available even if system security settings limit your access to a specific facility or region (SUM).

  1. Select Master > Part > File Maintenance from the RTA main menu (MPM).
  2. Enter the part number you're looking for or press F1 to select the part from a lookup list.
  3. Select Utilities > Check On-Hand from the menu or click on the Check on hand all facilities icon in the toolbar.
  4. You will be asked if you want to search for matches by part number, VMRS code or both. If you other facilities number their parts exactly the same, use the part number search as it will be faster. If they use a different numbering system, you may want to search by VMRS code.
  5. The system then searches all facilities and displays the information for facilities that have that part number on file.
  6. Highlight the desired facility and then choose Facility info to view the facility address and phone number.