Quick Receive Purchase Orders

This simple entry screen allows the quick receipt of parts off an invoice or packing slip. Part quantities and prices are updated, but no purchase order will be created in the system. Transactions of the part receipts are logged and appear on the various purchase order reports (RPT, RPR, RPN)
To record parts received, navigate to Parts > Purchase Orders > Quick Receive PO (RPR) from the RTA main menu. Fill in the pertinent details about the parts received.

  1. Date: Enter the date received (defaults to today's date).

  2. PO/Invoice Number: Enter the PO number or Invoice number.

  3. Part Number: Enter the part number. If the part# does not exist in RTA, you'll be prompted to Add, Continue, or Cancel. Add, will bring up the Parts Master Screen, letting you add the part on the fly. Continue, will not add the part to the inventory, but instead it will be treated as a Non-File Part. Cancel, will take the cursor back to the part number field to be re-entered.

  4. Description: If the part number is in the system, it will default to the part's description. If the part does not exist, you will be prompted to enter a description.

  5. Quantity received: Enter the received quantity.

  6. Price: Enter the individual part purchase price (price per unit).

  7. Ok: Click the OK button to complete the part transaction. The cursor reverts back to the Part Number field and you'll be prompted for the next part number (the process will repeat for this PO/Invoice number).

  8. Exit: When finished receiving parts, click the Exit button.

For a new PO/Invoice Number while processing multiple parts, click on the PO Number field , and enter the new PO Number and date. Then continue on with entering the parts, quantity, and pricing.