Part VMRS Code File

The part file has it's own set of VMRS codes. The VMRS codes help separate the parts into different repair categories, and is also required to track a warrantied part.

  1. Select Master > Part > Part VMRS > File Maintenance from the RTA main menu (MPVM).
  2. Adding and editing Part VMRS codes is performed the same way as the repair VMRS codes, with one exception – there is a checkbox for 'track locations'.

The track locations checkbox should be checked for any part that will have warranty to be tracked and can have multiple installations on one vehicle.
The system automatically uses a nine-digit VMRS code regardless of the VMRS level set in Main System Parameters (SSM, switch 38).

Part Position Codes

Part position codes are used for tracking warranty parts that may be installed multiple times on a single vehicle.
To define installation positions for a part, do the following:

  1. Select Master > Part > Position Codes from the RTA main menu (MPP).
  2. Enter a position code or press F1 to select a position code from the lookup list.
  3. Enter an abbreviation and description for the position.
  4. Save the record.