Part Inventory

The Part Inventory module is a great tool for inventory management and control. It fully integrates with the other modules in the RTA system (vehicles, work orders, fuel, and tires); therefore, any parts posted in other areas of the RTA system will be accounted for in the Part Inventory module. Inventory levels are easily maintained and automatically incremented or decremented as part transactions are processed. As stock levels get low, requisitions and purchase orders can be generated automatically. The various reports provide information for part cost, usage, and history.
The Part Inventory module includes a Warranty Tracking feature that is extremely easy to set up and use. Failure statistics are tracked by the RTA system and aids in preventing or decreasing the number of breakdowns due to part failure. The statistics are also great for performance comparisons of like parts from various manufacturers. The best part about using the Warranty Tracking feature, though, is the amount of money that you'll save and recover for failed parts.
The Setup:

  • Review the switches in Parts Parameters and change settings as needed (SSM, Parts Parameters tab ).
  • Set up vendor records (MNM)-refer to "Adding a Vendor." 

The Procedure:

  • Post part usage throughout the RTA system (work orders, fuel transactions, Paperless Shop, etc.).
  • Check requisitions for parts that need to be reordered.
  • Generate and receive purchase orders to replenish stock.
  • Perform physical inventory and/or cycle counts; adjust inventory levels as needed.

NOTE: It's not necessary to use RTA's Requisition and Purchase Order features but they are very easy to use and provide accountability for the parts purchased.