Paperless Shop Procedures

After the necessary records and switches have been set up, Paperless Shop will be ready for use. The operating procedures will be something like this; work orders can be created in the RTA Fleet Management system as needed for vehicle repairs or scheduled maintenance work—just as they would be if Paperless Shop wasn't in use. A work order line, also referred to as a job, has to be added in the RTA system before it can be assigned to mechanics. The jobs can be assigned or scheduled to specific mechanics at the time they are added into the RTA system or they can be left unscheduled and assigned at a later time. When mechanics clock in and select the Clock on to a Scheduled Job option, they will be able to select a job from a list that displays their assigned jobs, thus, eliminating all the guesswork involved. Mechanics won't lose time trying to find out what job they are supposed to work on or searching for paperwork—the information is all there in the computer, ready for them the minute they clock in. The time is automatically calculated and tracked by RTA as mechanics clock on and off scheduled jobs, indirect jobs, special jobs, paid breaks, lunch breaks, and when they clock off for the day.

Paperless Shop for Mechanics

Paperless Shop for Managers