Logging Paid Time Off

You may want to record an employee's paid time off. This will allow sick, vacation, or holiday time to be tracked on the Mechanic Time Card report. The time can be entered through the Paid Time Off option (WPT). Select this option and the Vacation/Sick Hours window will be displayed.

  • Enter your level 3 management password when prompted.
  • Select the type of hours you wish to record from the 3 options; Vacation, Sick, or Holiday.
  • Enter the employee number or abbreviation, or press F1 to select an employee from the lookup list.
  • Enter the date to record the time off.
  • Enter the starting time (hours and minutes) for the shift. Enter this in military time format.
  • Enter the total amount of time to log for the shift (hours and minutes).

Click the OK button to record the transaction. This time is now accounted for on the time card and various reports. Repeat this process until all necessary time has been logged as desired for each day off.