Jobs Pool

Mechanics may complete a repair and find that there are no more jobs specifically scheduled to them. Some shops do not utilize the assigning and prioritizing features of the Paperless Shop module. In these cases, mechanics are allowed to select from available work. The Jobs Pool screen shows a view much like the Mechanic Scheduling Screen available to shop supervisors. All unassigned jobs are listed in the 'Current Mechanic' tab, and the mechanic may choose any number of these jobs to work on. The mechanic will simply use the checkboxes on the left side to select the job or jobs he wishes to take on, and then click the 'Assign' button. The selected jobs will then appear on his own list of assigned jobs, and he is able to clock on to them to begin working on one. Those newly self-assigned jobs will no longer appear in the unscheduled jobs pool, as they are now assigned.

A list of all deferred jobs can be displayed by switching to the 'Deferred Jobs' tab. Any deferred jobs that are pending will be displayed. Select the checkbox next to the deferred jobs that you would like to schedule to be worked on, then click the 'Undefer' button. The job will be added to a work order and scheduled to the mechanic.
If the Jobs Pool is not available in the mechanic's menu, it will need to be enabled via option #15 in the Parts Parameters section of the System Configuration Screen (SSM).