Editing Labor Transactions

Occasionally mistakes are made. Mechanics may forget to clock off of a job they previously worked on in order to start tracking time on the job they are currently working on. This records too much labor on the previous job, and too little labor on the current job, or none at all.
Complete the following steps to edit Paperless Shop labor transactions:

  • Select the Edit a Labor Transaction option (WPD).
  • Enter password #1.
  • Enter the mechanic number or press F1 to select a mechanic from the lookup list.
  • Enter the date range for the transactions you would like displayed.
  • Highlight a transaction and click the EDIT button.
  • You may make adjustments to the start and end date/times as well as modify the completion code.
  • Click the UPDATE button after you are satisfied with your changes.
  • Edit any additional transactions necessary to correct the mechanic's timeline.