Deleting Assigned Jobs


This option should be used with extreme caution and/or with RTA's assistance. Deleting an assigned job using this option simply removes the scheduled job from the mechanic screen—the job will no longer be available for the mechanic to clock onto. The job status, however, does not revert back to an unscheduled status. Therefore, if the job still needs be worked on, it will have to be reassigned in Work Orders.

To delete an assigned job, go to the Scheduled Mechanic Jobs screen and then complete the following steps:

  • Highlight the desired job line and then click the DELETE button.
  • Click the YES button to confirm; click the NO button or press ENTER to keep the job.

Once a job is deleted, it will be removed from the mechanic's list of scheduled jobs. To reassign that job to another mechanic, refer to the following section.