Assigning Jobs in Work Orders

To assign a job to a specific mechanic while creating a work order, go to the WOs option (WW). Input the necessary data as needed to create the work order (refer to the "Repair Orders" section in the RTA User's Manual for more information about creating work orders). The Add Line window, as shown below, will come up automatically during the work order creation process. It can also be brought up by selecting Edit, Add Line from the menu bar or by clicking on the ADD LINE icon.

Enter the appropriate VMRS code and repair type code for the job. In the bottom portion of the window, the mechanic assignment section will be displayed. At this point, a specific primary mechanic, and optionally additional assisting mechanics, can be assigned simply by typing in the mechanic number or abbreviation. To select a mechanic from a lookup list, press the F1 key or click the LIST button. The lookup list can be sorted by mechanic number, abbreviation, or name. The mechanic name will be displayed automatically once a mechanic has been specified. The labor rate may or may not be displayed depending on how the "Mechanic wage on screen" switch is set (SSI, Miscellaneous I tab, line 40). The Estimated hours field will display the scheduled or estimated time required to complete this job. Mechanic productivity is computed by comparing the estimated hours to the actual hours it takes for the assigned mechanic to complete the job. Enter the remaining information along with the Paperless priority code and then click the OK button to add the work order line. The newly added job line has now been assigned to the specified mechanic and will appear on the Scheduled Jobs window for that mechanic.

The Mechanic field can be left blank while adding the job line if it is not yet known who will perform this work. Unscheduled jobs can be assigned later by accessing the work order and then double-clicking on the desired work order line. The Edit Line window will come up and the mechanic information can be entered. Click the OK button to save the change and assign the specified mechanic. Unscheduled job can also be assigned by using the Schedule Jobs option (WPS) in Paperless Shop.