Assigning Indirect Jobs

The RTA system allows up to ten user-definable indirect labor codes to be set up and tracked (SSY). Indirect jobs are non-vehicle related jobs. Examples of indirect jobs include paid breaks, cleaning the shop, rebuilding parts or components, picking up parts, fueling vehicles, yard inspections, job training, and supervisory functions. The Add Labor Transaction option (WPA) allows indirect jobs to be assigned to mechanics.
When this option is selected, you'll be required to enter password #1 before continuing. The Schedule Indirect Job window will be displayed.

  • Enter the mechanic number to schedule or press F1 to select a mechanic from the lookup list.
  • Select the radio button for the desired indirect job.
  • Enter the estimated time to complete the indirect job.

Repeat this process until all the indirect jobs have been assigned as desired. The jobs will appear on the mechanics' list of scheduled jobs.