Entering the Inspection

Clock In to start time on the inspection

If time tracking is turned on, you'll also need to start/end time on each item as you start/finish it.
Multiple mechanics can be clocked into different sections of the same inspection simultaneously.
Note: Clocking on/off the inspection does not apply to Paperless Shop users.

  1. Pull up the inspection in any of the available screens as detailed in the above section (WW, WPL, or WNV).
  2. Click the "Clock In" button on the toolbar.
  3. Enter your mechanic ID number to begin tracking your time on the inspection.

Mark Item as Ok/Fail and to complete the item

  • An item can only be marked as failed if a defect was checked.
  • If you check an item as "fail", the defect list will be presented. A list is presented showing the items that still need to be done before the item can be completed.

Marking Defective Items

  1. Double-click on an item or click on the "..." button under the "defects" column to access the item details window with a list of defects.
  2. Check the applicable defect for the item.
  3. Add notes to describe the defect, if desired. These notes will appear on the repair job on the work order. Click on the notes button to do so.
  4. Each defective item will be added as an additional job line to the current work order when the inspection is finished.

Answer Prompts

  1. Double-click on each item or click on the "..." button under the "prompts" column to access the item details window.
  2. Double-click on the prompts to answer them.
  3. Remember that required prompts must be answered before the inspection can be completed.
  4. Answers to the prompts will be added to the notes section of the work order.
  5. Enter brake inspection details, if applicable. The Brake Inspection module helps to keep your vehicles brakes in satisfactory operating condition at the lowest possible cost. The ideal goal of a brake Inspection program is to allow you to utilize your brakes to the fullest, ensure they are in a safe operating condition, and minimize downtime. The most recent eight brake inspections are displayed in the Brakes tab of the Vehicle Master Screen (MVM). To record a brake inspection, click the BRAKES button on the work order toolbar. The brake inspection entry screen is displayed. Input the date and vehicle odometer reading at the time of the inspection. In the remaining fields, enter the percentage of pad life remaining for each axle's left and right side. You can enter readings for up to five axles per vehicle. Enter the percentage of pad life remaining for the left and right side, one axle at a time, Axle 1-L, Axle 1-R, Axle 2-L, Axle 2-R, Axle 3-L, etc.

Clocking Off

  1. Click the "Exit" or "Clock Out" button on the toolbar or press the <esc> key to stop time tracking on the inspection.
  2. Time is automatically posted to the work order line.
  3. Mechanics can clock back in at a later time to resume the inspection unless the inspection is marked as completed.

Finishing the Inspection

  1. Click the "Finish Job" button on the toolbar to stop time tracking on the inspection and mark it as completed.
    • All answered prompts are automatically added to the inspection work order line notes.
    • Any defects selected are automatically added as new repair lines on the current work order.
    • Any notes on the defect are automatically added as line notes on the new work order repair line.

Important Note: Once an inspection is marked as Finished, it cannot be updated further.