Applying Inspections to Work Orders

There are two methods to process an inspection from a work order. The time to perform each item on the inspection is tracked and work order job lines are created to for each defect found/selected.

Add to Work Order manually

  1. Create a new work order as described in the RTA User's Manual.
  2. Add a work order line for your inspection as described in the RTA User's Manual.
  3. Add an inspection to the work order line by highlighting the job line, then clicking the "No Inspection" button on the right.
  4. Answer YES to add a new inspection.
  5. Select an inspection template to use from the list of available inspections.
  6. The Inspection screen is now displayed.

The inspection can be started right away or it can be started later by the mechanic.

Attach to a PM

  1. Select a vehicle in the Vehicle Master Screen (MVM) as described in the RTA User's Manual.
  2. Open the Preventive Maintenance tab.
  3. Double-click the PM to contain an inspection.
  4. Fill in the inspection field on the bottom with the inspection to be used during this PM. Use the F1 button to select from the list of available inspections.

When this PM is added to a work order in the future, the inspection will also automatically be added to the PM line on the work order. The PM can be added through any the automated utilities available through the PM List and PM reports (using work order Templates) or manually using the PM Status window or Add Line feature in the work order module.