Getting Started with Motor Pool

Before using Motor Pool, the following items should first be set up in the RTA system:

  • RTA customer files (MCM)
  • RTA vehicle files (MVM)

It is necessary to use the vehicle and customer records from the RTA Fleet Management Software in order to process reservations in Motor Pool. Refer to the following sections in the RTA User's Manual for specific instructions on how to add vehicle and customer records.
Vehicle Inventory: Adding a New Vehicle
Utilities: Adding a New Customer
Before reservations can be processed in Motor Pool, the following items must be set up:

  • Motor Pool switches (VTS)
  • Rate codes (VTA)
  • Type codes (VTC)
  • Motor Pool vehicles (VTU)

Additional features that can also be set up but are not required for Motor Pool use are:

  • Recurring groups/reservations (VTF)
  • Motor Pool user security (SUC)

User security is set up through the RTA Fleet Management Program. Refer to the "System Security" section for more information.