Customer File Maintenance

It is necessary to use the customer records (MCM) from the RTA Fleet Management Software in order to use Motor Pool. Motor Pool uses the customer records to determine the rate code that will be used when vehicles are rented. The field that determines the customer rate is the one-character Motor Pool field located in the Mark-ups and Rates window. Refer to the "Utilities: Adding a New Customer" section in the RTA User's Manual for instructions on how to add or modify RTA customer records.
As stated in a previous example, if your fleet has three pricing levels: level 1-the standard rate, level 2-a better rate, and level 3-the best rate, a 15 passenger van would have three rate codes defined: V15 -1, V15 -2, and V15 -3. When a unit is reserved, a customer is assigned to the reservation. The system will look at the rate code in the unit record (VTU or 1921) and the customer rate in the Motor Pool field to determine the rate code to use for the reservation. If the Motor Pool field contains a 1, rate V15 -1 will be used; if it contains a 2, rate V15 2 will be used; if it contains a 3, rate V15 -3 will be used.