New Message Notifications

They system will check for new messages in an employees inbox at certain times and places while navigating the software. The user can also manually check for new messages by launching the messenger manually via the quick launch button on the main screen (see initial setup and configuration section). The system checks for new messages every 5 minutes, however, if the user is actively working in a screen, he will not receive an instant notification of the new message. This is to avoid interrupting the user's workflow when he's actively entering data. Once the user returns to the main menu, a new message notification will appear if a new message arrived within the past 5 minutes. The messenger option is also fully integrated with the Paperless Shop and Driver Reports modules.
New message notifications will appear under the following circumstances:

  • While the user is logged into the RTA main menu, the system will poll for new messages at a 5-minute interval. If the user is actively using the program (editing work orders, purchase orders, adding vehicles, etc.) new message notifications will not interrupt the user. Once the user returns to the main menu, any pending notifications will appear.
  • When the employee accesses the Paperless Shop screen (WPL) and keys in their employee ID.
  • When the user clicks the "Check Messages" button in the paperless shop accountability menu.
  • When the user clicks the messenger toolbar button while actively clocked onto a job in paperless shop.
  • Integration with the Paperless Shop option (see next page).
  • Integration with the Driver Reports option (see next page).